Boardworks Eradicator (12'6") Race / Fitness


Boardworks Eradicator (12'6") Race / Fitness

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The Eradicator is an ultra-fast and versatile race SUP designed for elite and recreational racers alike. This board is meant to excel in a variety of conditions from flatwater to ocean races, downwind, in and out of the surf, and from glassy to choppy water conditions.


Carbon Innegra Construction

12'6" x 26" x 6 1/2" (246Litres)

  • Novice: up to 240lbs
  • Intermediate: up to 265lbs
  • Advanced: up to 290lbs

***LOCAL Pickup or drop off in Pittsburgh area only***

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  • Hull design for ultimate speed and versatility
  • Fairly flat rocker for speed
  • Flat bottom with V off the tail for easy water release
  • Mildly recessed cockpit for lower center of gravity and easy foot movement
  • Wide point moved back for stability
  • Low entry rocker for excelling in flatwater
  • Fin placement forward for fast buoy turns and performance in the surf
  • Self regulating vent plug
  • Single race fin for speed and tracking
  • LiftSUP handle for running beach starts, easy portage and locking
  • Very light extremely durable Krypto-Lite construction