Film Premiere: The Current to Conserve

SurfSUP Adventures started with the mission to provide Pittsburgh with standup paddleboarding adventures in the amazing waterways of Pennsylvania.  While that objective is still our top priority, it has expanded to include the conservation of these watersheds and introducing these experiences to the local teens. We recognize that without a reason to care about them, the youth generation fails to make critical connections about water quality and daily choices that we all make.  To provide youth that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to participate in activities such as paddleboarding or river surfing, we started the First Waves program in 2014.

First Waves is dedicated to providing underserved youth with incredible experiences in local waterways while also providing an immersive involvement in watershed conservation through river cleanups and tree-planting initiatives. Through partners such as Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, First Waves also provides documentary filmmaking instruction. The kids learn to use digital media as a tool to inspire others to get out and enjoy PA’s beautiful streams and rivers, and also to do their part to protect them.

Each program culminates in the completion of a short film that the student’s help shoot and edit.  This year’s film, “The Current to Conserve,” takes part on waterways from Johnstown to Pittsburgh.  Enjoy!

This film was made possible by:

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