The 2016 Stonycreek Rendezvous is coming soon (May 20 - 22nd)!  This is Pennsylvania's premiere adventure and whitewater festival with fun for everyone.  SurfSUP will be hosting a FREE river surfing and standup paddleboarding demo on Saturday, May 21rst.  Come enjoy the fun!!

 For information about the 2016 Rendezvous (May 20 - 22/2016), click here.

As the sun set on the first night of the Rendezvous, the Park Wave’s glassy face remained illuminated by the festival lights and the faint glow of dancing fire light on the shore above.  The high water and torrential current did its best to exhaust us, but somehow we pressed on, energized by the sounds of live music and the cheering crowd. Tucked away in the Stonycreek Rendezvous is a whitewater festival, but at the forefront of the event is a culture.  A culture of a river life revitalized by stewards that still walk the park grounds year after year.  Their smiles and easy gait showing they are as stoked now as they were at the age of the kids still surfing the wave until well past dark.

Jason Kopp surfing the famous "Beaches" on the Stonycreek River

Jason Kopp surfing the famous "Beaches" on the Stonycreek River

The Rendezvous is a culture of river surfers, many of which caught their first ride on the wave that is center stage for the event; a stone’s throw from the local vendors and musicians.  “The takeout” was my favorite pit stop this year, where the mother of a surf-crazed-kid and talented kayaker was selling cookies, 3 for 50 cents, as a way to raise money to get him a new paddle.

If only for a few days, the park becomes a utopia.  Amazing food, craft beers, lifts to the put-in, and just about anything you could want or need is bartered or given willingly.  Life is simple here, and everyone is transformed from the most natural act of following the flow of the river.


SUP and River Surfing:  Be sure to find SurfSUP at the wave for some free whitewater SUP, river surfing, and paddleboard lessons on Saturday!!  You can also rent boards from SurfSUP for the day or weekend!

RAFTING:  Epic rafting trips put on by Coal Tubin.  As the first and only rafting outfitter in the Stony Watershed, Coal Tubin prides itself on offering a wide-range of creeking and big-water experiences.  Take advantage of this amazing rafting services at awesome prices!!

A huge thanks to the Benscreek Canoe Club, vendors, volunteers and community for making these events a success year after year.  You can learn about becoming a member of Benscreek and other events they hold at:

Additionally, you can learn about taking a rafting or tubing excursion with Coal Tubin at: