WPXI’s, "Proud to be from Pittsburgh," is a program designed to highlight people who are doing good in our communities.”  SurfSUP Adventures and First Waves founder, Ian Smith, worked with Channel-11 News Anchor, Peggy Finnegan, to document a First Waves event on the Pittsburgh Riverfront for the segment earlier this year.

“The changes that I’ve seen in the First Waves youth participants is the most rewarding thing for me,” explained Smith.  “Cleaning up the rivers makes a difference that day, but educating the kids about watersheds, pollution, recycling – that’s the key to a better future for us all.  As one of our instructors and mentors in the program, Phillip Thompson, would say, “this is chess not checkers.”’

You can watch the WPXI Proud Pittsburgh story about First Waves below or at:  PROUD PITTSBURGH.